10 Gallon Aquarium

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They look like false clowns. Which is what I have been looking at. I can only see the picture on a small screen though since I'm using my phone. What type of light would be needed? Any brands and types I should look at?
Thanks, they are very cute and I always have to talk to them when I look at them lol cause they always stop what they're doing and sit and look back at me

And dude there are so many different types of lights, totally depends on what you like, a lot of people go for t5's but I personally like LEDs, I like a good shimmer effect and they produce less heat, but they get pricey and you have to be careful with LEDs and make sure the wattage is good, can't really go cheap with them cause they'll most likely not be sufficient for your tank
I would start a new thread about lighting for your tank and just get opinions from everyone and see what you like, and if you do want to buy something, post pics and specs of it on here and let people tell you if it's good enough or not, you don't want to go spend a ton of money on something and have everything in your tank die because you thought it was good enough lol
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