Advice for dealing with a sick Atlantic Blue Angel

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Nov 7, 2004
Long Island, New York
I have a 450g tank with about 380 lbs of LR. I have an Atlantic Blue Angel (I think that is the proper name, I'll attach a pic) that has lost much of its color and his fins are getting ragged looking. He no longer seems to be eating and just hangs in the lower back corner of the tank.

I am not sure if he is just deficient in some important nutrient specific to Angels or if there is a pathogen involved.

Other thriving fish in the tank include: a Yellow Tang, Lunare Wrasse, Foxface Lo, Mono, Snowflake Eel.

My question is twofold:
Does my description of the problem sound like diet and stress or pathogenic?

Since the tank is so large with a good amount of rok it will be hard to get him out. I do have a cycled 29g QT that I could put him in. My thought is if he is not eating now, why would he in the QT?

I'll attach a pic from when he was very healthy. Sorry I could not get a good shot from where he is situated currently.

Pete R.


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Yes I would QT the fish and I have two suggestions. One it could be aggression from the yellow tangs. I dont know if they are bigger or not or I guess it could be fin rot. First QT him and observe him and if it is the aggresion then you`ll most likely have to give him back to the LFS.
Here is a link if it is a parasite or disease.
Thanks. Actually, the Lunare Wrasse is the aggressor of the tank. I have a feeling that the Lunare Wrasse is causing the problem (if it is due to aggression). My profile needs some updating, there is actually only one YT in the tank.

Any suggestions on how I should feed the Angel once in the QT?

By the way, do you think a Yellow Tang would be okay if I went with more aggressive species in this tank?

Thanks again...
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