Betta commnity tank. Need help choosing the right fish.

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Jan 10, 2016
So I recently decided to redo my 35 liter aquarium. My plants were slowly melting away and my substrate wasn't looking good (the white sand was turning brown/ yellow). I'm going to put the fish that I'm keeping in a spare tank. The others I'm giving away to a fellow hobbyist. The fish thatI'm keeping are:
4 celestial pearl danio's
1 Trichopsis pumila (need to get some more the other 4 died)
6 Boraras briggittae
2 Pseudomugil gertrudae's
10(?) red cherry shrimp (getting some more)

Now here is the situation I really want to get a betta. In the store I go to they keep the betta's in community tanks so it is easy to judje which one is aggressive and calm. I have 3 tanks after I'm done re-scaping the big one. All are planted and cycled. 2 18 liters and 1 35 liter. Could someone help me choose which fish goes where because I'm a bit confused at the moment as to choose where to put them.

Thanks in advance.

In whichever tank you choose, it's still just rolling the dice of a Betta community tank.

It's a new tank for the Betta so that means new territory and new tankmates. He could be docile at the store and that completely change when you put him in your tank.

It's doable, but I would take caution and have the receipt or backup tank ready just incase he turns sour. There was a user on here that had a Betta community for a while, came back from a trip and everything was killed but the snails and the Betta.

Guess It's best to just put the betta alone in a tank and maybe try it later when ik get a 100+ liter tank so that everything has enough room.
I did it in the fluval chi a few 24k white clouds cherry shrimp and a white betta with no problems seemed like he enjoyed the company ImageUploadedByAquarium Advice1452615476.195745.jpg

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I took out the crayfish because he would attach himself to the betas tail and had ultimate death grip even if I lifted him out of the water he didn't let go

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I have a betta with B. maculatus and pygmy cories. My 16g community has a betta, ram, peacock gudgeons, forktails, and kuhlis. It really depends on the individual betta.

A betta might possibly go after adult shrimp, shrimplets would definitely be snacks. Wouldn't recommend a betta/T. pumila combo.
I had a betta in a 5gal with 4 danios with no issues at all, lived for 2 years together
If you are getting your betta from a petstore that keeps them in cups place 2 cups next to each other if you can find 1 that dosnt really mind the betta next to him that's the safest bet.

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