Bribos rebooted 20 nuvo

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Dosed back up to 2 ppm ammonia yesterday. Will test when I get home later.
Numbers tonight
Ammonia - 0 added some fish food to just “feed” the bacteria
Nitrite - 2
Nitrate - 40ish

Hoping it’ll be done by next weekend or before
So I think I’m cycled!! IMG_0949.jpg

Gonna redose ammonia tonight and then see tomorrow but nitrites dropped from 4 yesterday down to 2 this morning and now 0. Nitrates look to be about 40
Never mind [emoji58][emoji58] I redosed to 2 ppm ammonia yesterday around 9 pm and while ammonia’s hit 0 nitrite is back up to 4-5 and hasn’t come down. Guess I’m not cycled
Lol well nitrite has dropped back down to 0.5 as of now so it’s close!
Cycles definitely done now. I dosed up to 2 ppm ammonia and both ammonia and nitrites are down to 0 less than 24h later. I’m getting a tiny bit of green algae on my rocks in minor spots so I added 500 pods and ordered a small cuc. I have 2 clownfish coming from cultivated reef on Tuesday as well. Went with a orange storm and a da Vinci clown! Here’s the stock picsIMG_1022.jpgIMG_1023.jpg
Have added a serpent star, a cleaner shrimp and a bunch of snails as a cuc. Also got a little drag of red goniopora as it was $10 added onto my order that seems to be doing fine.IMG_1471.jpgIMG_0993.jpgIMG_1470.jpg

Clowns are still doing great and seem to have figured out their dominance roles. Tested all my parameters today

Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 2-5
Phosphate 0.10 Hanna tester
pH 8.1
Temp 79.4
Alk 9.6 dkh
Calcium 500
Magnesium 1550

Everything seems to be in order
Not bad. Phosphates might be a little high...but I always hated doing that test...though not as bad as alkalinity for sure.

Have you done flower pots before? I, like pretty much everyone, have had 0 success. I remember being told they like 'dirtier' water, are more hardy if they are from austrailia or something... None of it ever really made full sense to me in terms of how poor they do in our closed systems.
No it’s doing ok but I think I made a mistake. It seems to be losing a tiny bit of flesh on the sides every couple days. I’d heard the red Aquaculture’s ones were easier but I’m regretting it now. Idk it was pretty cheap but if it doesn’t make it I probably won’t get another anytime soon
I got some reef Roids coming today to spot feed it to see if that helps. It’s open and everything so idk
Yeah idk about it, I’m regretting it more each day I have it. I just got in some zoas, a Duncan and Monti cap frag the other day that are all open and looking great, just the Goni that’s dying...
They are just so strange. And to think, in the early days of the hobby these were the only coral people kept because the prolonged death was thought to be some sort of success.
Yeah idk maybe after the tanks been up a year or two I’ll try the Ora one. When they’re healthy it’s hard to beat the movement.

In other news all my other corals are doing great! I participated in the top shelf aquatics live sale and got some good stuff!IMG_1485.jpgIMG_1486.jpg
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