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I have not seen any good deals on plants from the usual vendors. Usually, if you say what you are looking for and post it in trading areas of boards like this, someone will pop up with what you are wanting. Also, ebay has some on occasion.
thanks fish, its unfortunate that they dont want to ship the grape type of marcoalgae but the prices are good and lets face i cant find a place in my area that sells it. :eek:
Now at one point I heard that california had put some kind of law aganst the import/sale of some form of calurpia. I dont know what kind but maybe thats why your having a hard time finding it.
hmm i think i get marcoalgae pack from fishs site and some grape from reefs site, excellent thanks you both :wink:
California and Texas have laws against importing "invasive species" of marine plants. None-the-less, I live in Texas, and still have had shaving brush shipped to me, although the site says that they cannot. :wink:
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