Can I keep a group of female only Cherry Shrimp?

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Apr 1, 2011

I have accidentally ended up with one female cherry shrimp in my tank (she hitchhiked on a plant). I have really enjoyed watching her character and want to make sure she is as happy as possible. I know they're a community animal, but I don't want them to breed out of control which I know they can do.

Is it okay for me to get her a group of female shrimp to keep her company?

Has anyone had the same issue?

Help please!
You could but assuming this is a tank with fish they won’t breed out of control. Nearly everything considers cherry shrimp babies a great snack and most fish will make an attempt at even an adult shrimp when it is less protected after molting.

depending on what else is in the tank I might be surprised to see any shrimp make it to adulthood at all
Belle is right, if you have normal sized fish in the tank they will pray on babies and only a few would make it to adulthood. Shrimp also arent like the common snail, you wont one day see 100 babies swimming around.

They take time to have babies and they dont breed like rabbits. Also if you gain to many shrimp for your liking you will always be able to sell the ones you have. People love buying shrimp. Trying to get female only shrimps might be tough, shops dont like to have to hunt for certain shrimps and if they are young enough its hard to tell them apart.

Take a chance and get some more without caring about sex. Youll actually fall in love with watching a buried mother. They take great care of their eggs and its so fun to see the progression.
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