Crayfish laid eggs!

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Oct 14, 2007
I have a male and a female crayfish, and my female laid (not sure if thats the right word for it) her eggs two nights ago. I saw her writhing around in her little flower pot where she's been holed up for a week or two, and then the next morning I checked with a flashlight and saw her swimmerets were covered in off-white eggs. A couple of the eggs appeared orangish or brown, but I assume she's take care of those. My question is what I can do to make the next few weeks go smoothly for her and her eggs. I've read that they wont usually eat while carrying eggs, so I shouldn't change the feeding much, right. The male should probably be moved but I dont want to put him in my only spare tank (5 gallon), and he's always been very shy of his mate, except when he was having sex with her obviously.
Also, when the fry are born, and disperse throughout the tank, does it make sense for me to move them to my 5 gallon tank? I plan to feed them boiled lettuce. Any other suggestions?

As I have never raised or breed any type of invertebrate, I can't help with your questions.

I just wanted to say congrats and I hope you add some pics to this thread so we can all enjoy what has happened.
I have seen tiny fully formed crayfish swarming, if that is the right word, in a ball of moss all around the mother. It did look cute.

This was in someone elses tank so I don't know about the male
I've been trying to take some pictures of the eggs, but my female is a very large, very aggressive crayfish and she never leaves her flower pot. I can look in at her with a flashlight, but she usually has her tail curled up around the eggs. Anyone know if these eggs should be getting bigger?
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