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Gregcoyote said:
There is nothing in the food chain that is stupid enough to try and eat them. And they will eat almost anything. Look how they are built, like a pirate ship flying the skull and crossbones. ;-)

I LOVE this explanation of the lionfish! Im gonna use this anytime someone asks about them lol. And to the one asking why they are a pest...my TRIGGERS wont even dare tough him! Lol
slitherbomb said:
Wasn't it an aquarium that lost a few? And yeah they are horrible to the entire ecosystem. I think it's illegal to throw them back into the water if you catch one. There's also a beach where you can literally scoop up small lion fish. The guy at my petco told me about it lol

Yet they're still pretty expensive. You'd think with a close (and apparently bountiful) supply, they,d be $10 fish.
I don't understand that myself. It must be that they are expensive to hold and to transport. A double bag isn't quite enough!
They have to be the easiest fish in the sea to catch.
Rutrag said:
Yet they're still pretty expensive. You'd think with a close (and apparently bountiful) supply, they,d be $10 fish.

Something like 98% of the lionfish in the Atlantic are Red Lionfish. So any other Lionfish in your LFS are from the Pacific, I don't think many, if any, are harvested from the Atlantic at all.

Also scientists have done genetic studies and found that all the Lionfish are descended from 8 females, which helps to support the theory that they were released from an aquarium.
Gubernaculum86 said:
U think they would be giving them away. And my favorite fish has got to be puffers

Puffers are sweet like the spiny box puffer
I had a bad experience with a puffer fish years ago. Has anyone here had one for any length of time? And under what circumstances (fish only?)
You realize how many millions upon millions of dollars they are gonna make from this clownish? The original one that was caught had offers that were thru the roof! I don't however see this fish being readily available anytime soon... even when it does start steadily spawning the fish are gonna be so outrageously priced...guess I should try to befriend someone from papua new guinea and see if they'd catch me a fish
I believe the original was sold for only like $5,000. This doesn't seem that much considering only like 2 of these were found.
The article said the first one was sold for 2500.... BUT it also states that it wasn't the highest bidder that won it, the company chose to sell it to a very well-known and established breeder instead of the top bidder due to the fact that they want the best odds possible for reproducing the same affects.. that's really where this breeder may get screwed... he prob wont be able to sell any of them at all, other than back to the company.. sad part is id spend 500 on this fish in a heartbeat
Well, 400. Twice what a platinum or snowflake or picasso go for.
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