fish from different locales: difference?

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Jul 20, 2003
Detroit MI
What's the difference between fish from different areas? I'm placing a order ... I want a Citrinis Clown Goby...I can get one from Sri Lanka or the Coral Sea....what's the difference between the two? On the true perculas, I can choose Solomon Islands or Papua/New Guinea. The Solomon ones are $1 cheaper. What's better about one from Papua/New Guinea? Just Curious....thanks!
Not sure about the differences from one locale to the next...climate, temperature..maybe. Personally, I look for fish that have been aquacultured or captive bred. Usually they adapt better to captivity and have better survival rates.
not exactly sure, but the coloration of the fish might be slightly different from different areas. i have been on the look out for a small marroon clown to make friends with my marroon at home, and the ones at the fish shop just are not quite the deep marroon color i am looking for. i asked the lfs why the marroons they keep getting in are a brighter red color than my marroon, and they said it could be that they are coming in from different areas of the ocean. so that's my guess!
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Also collection methods may differ from area to area. Some may do better because a particular region does not cyanide the fish.
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