GBOY & NU NU 30 gal saltwater build!!!!!!!

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Certainly are, but one step at a time... Its slow goin and tests your oatience. Also if you have the cal fluid test every few months, itll get jostled here and there a pissible bump and checking once in a while is a good idea
Ya its much easier to go slow in saltwater because everything is more expensive so it makes you wait a little bit between purchases, and even while your tank is cycling there is so much life in the tank! I mean, i just spend 30 minutes watching a bristle star and feather i cant imagine how its going to be when the tank is finished! :) and okay, we will check the refractometer next time we use it! Thanks!
needmorecowbell said:
That's exactly how I think!

Lol yea! So the daitoms are spreading now and fast! Maybe nunu will put up a full tank shot, because dang! We are going to buy a small mag float tomorrow
Hehe quick posts! He is super cool. We have 2 as far as i know, and every day i look for them...its like ISpy lol.

Tank is DIRTY. Diatoms are everywhere. Tomorrow we will be doing a top off, and getting a small Mag Float
How does the cycle look guys???? Its been about 15 days so far and nitrite is going down! Was 5.0 + the other day!


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Ya this seems to be a pretty quick cycle so far!! :) haha we are excited to get started, then my dad will stop making fun of us by pretending like there are tons of fish in the tank and pointing them all out... Haha
Haha ya its bery interesting! Its funny, our xenia is growing alot and we are in the middle of our cycle! Haha
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