GBOY & NU NU 30 gal saltwater build!!!!!!!

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Its looking good. I was thinking about it earlier when you posted that and I thought to myself its kind of a waste to even test anything but nitrite while cycling. Ive always tested everything just outa excitment waiting, but I probably wont again. Its just ive had bottle of nitrite test for years just because Ive only used it a couple of times other than cycling.
Yea me too. And like I said ive always tested all three. But its a given ur nitrates r going to be raising and theres really no point in looking at ammonia till nitrites bottom out. Just an idea cause if your like me and bought a kit youll probably use up the other ones long before the nitrite.
I agree it would be better to test the ones that are essential first. Do you have a calcium test? I just found out that they are pretty important. Same with alk.
Yea once you start doing corals youll want to test for calcium, alk, and magnesium. Those r the main ones. Theres also iodine, iron, and others.
Just though i would post with a few pics ;)

1. The xenia is growing alot! It has many little heads popping up, at least 6 :)

2. Feather duster has gotten bigger and brighter!

3. We are getting lots of stringy green algea in the tank... Dont no if thats good or bad.,


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I had about a 6" string of green algae during my cycle. looked disgusting. just pull it out & throw it away.
needmorecowbell said:
It's looking great! I can't believe the Xenia is doing so well in the middle of a cycle!

Lol i know! Haha we have no idea why, but its pretty cool! We want to get some hermits and snails this weekend because hopefully the cycle will be done! :)
Just tested nitrite and it is 0 :) we tested nitrate just for fun and its only 15!! :)

*edit* should we add another cube of mysis?????
Really?? Haha its all happening so fast im freaked! Haha okay we will do a full test tomarro and if everything checks out maybe a few snails and hermits on thursday or friday? :)
Nu-Nu the eel said:
Just tested nitrite and it is 0 :) we tested nitrate just for fun and its only 15!! :)

*edit* should we add another cube of mysis?????

Yep add two and when you are down to 0 for ammo and trites in a day you're ready!
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