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Dec 28, 2011
Got a pair of guppies on January 10 and she is probably pregnant now, but till now why hasn't she given birth yet? On the 3rd week I placed her In a breeding net and left her there until last week why hasn't she given birth yet(I don't have enough space for another 10g tank)
1. She may have had her fry and they all got eaten
2. she may not have been pregnant
3. She may have aborted

I believe in leaving the female in the tank with the male and other female but just have it heavily planted (fake or real) the plants will have to be at the top and bottom of the tank. Java moss works great and grows fast. It also has little things in it that the fry can eat.
I totally agree don't move the female especially if she is pregnant. I started a 20 gallon tank with two pairs of guppies. In the tank I floated some hornwort plants and covered the intake valve of the filter with sponge ( fry will get sucked into the filter ). The fry were never harmed in the tank, after a several months I have over 50 full grown guppies now. All the tank inhabitants eat flaked food but also love baby brine shrimp.
Post a pic of her, you usually want to wait untill she has squared out, not just a gravid spot. A gravid spot means she is holding, but squared out means she is about to drop, my guppies stay squared out for days then i wake up and poof they are all flat with a small gravid spot again.
Here's a few pics


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She looks preggo but not quite squared out, wait a week then post another pic
Hard to say in that pic, but my female guppies look rounder before they give birth.
I have a preggo female that has see through scales like yours, when she is closer to popping, you're going to be able to almost distinguish each baby, and mine I can see each egg turning into a baby fishie! It's really cool! I've got a thread called pregnant guppy with pics, if you'd like to see pics ^^
I was wrong! I named the thread 'my guppy is preggo an fat!' sorry bout the mix-up ^^;;
So what behavior changes will occur when she's about ready to give birth?
They stretch right out lengthways, then relax alot. They dart around the tank, from top to bottom. Then start hiding in corners, under logs, etc.
Fwa has the gist of it! But also, right before she pops, her (for lack of a better word) butt will noticeably get bigger, and when she's done it will go back to normal size...I know it's awkward to say,'s important to know...^^
Now I mainly feed her hikari blood worms, is that a good idea?
Yeah I use freeze dried blood worms, I feed them that with their main diet (little red granule things) every other day ^^
Now I see the back oh her has black dots, could that be the eyes of the fry, answer quickly????
Not the back of her head, the gravid spot will be right behind her anal fins, or just above them, or both ^^
Gravid spot as in the babies eyes, you might be seeing designs on her skin or some kind of fungus (I hope it's the first, not the second)
No, it's where the black spot is, I see blacks dot ans then it's kinda whitish around it, and she is staying in one spot, breathing heavily
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