Guppy help!!!!!!!!

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She might be giving birth, keep an eye out for swimming poop! (aka baby guppies) ^^ I can see my babies eyes too, they're red little blobs with eyes ^^
Wait! Keep an eye out for:
-butt getting larger
-heavy breathing
-gravid spot moves downward
-won't swim around, stays in one area (possibly resting on something)
She won't swim, unless chased by other guppy, her butt did get larger,she is now in the net(I let her swim into it instead of scooping her) she is also breathing heavily and I think her gravid spot went down
If her gravid spot is touching her skin, then she'll pop soon ^^
Relax, if she's hasn't popped yet, it just means she's not ready. Give her extra food, keep lots of plants near her, and give her time and space. Shell b more likely to have her babies if you're not near the tank ^^
i would after she gives birth put the fry in the breeding net and keep them there till they get old enough to be in the tank be aware they don't just give birth to one or two they give birth to manyyyyyy.
The Internet says 3-100 babies is possible, but usually it's between 8-60 babies :)
I know to to raise the fry,mystic, and I got the net and the bbs already, the only thing that worries me is WHEN she will give birth...
That's so odd, I'm always hearing stories like that. Just turn off the lights and leave her be. (and by lights I mean tank lights and the lights in the room) feed her some food and watch to see if she eats it. If she ignores it, that means she still has babies to pop out. If she eats it, she might be putting off her birth because of bad water conditions of something's stressing her out so she doesn't want to have her babies.
Has she slimmed out yet or is there still a gravid spot?
It's not unusual to drop two or three then wait a few hours for rest but it is more likely some have been eaten. I once had a female give birth, not bother any of the babies at all and then suddenly within the five minutes I look away decimate around the twenty or so I had!
Every one of my guppy females still eats while giving birth, both the fry and the flake I feed to (futilely) try to distract them from the babies I'm frantically trying to save... I'm afraid the hormone or whatever that is supposed to prevent the momma fish from being hungry for a while before during and after birth has been accidentally bred out of guppies, or at least mine :$
You might want to consider turning her loose in the tank and just providing lots of good hiding places, a lot of people find that breeding boxes stress out the momma fish and can even cause her to abort.
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