Hammer and their stinging arms

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Dec 2, 2012
Richmond, Illinois
My question to you is with hammers, torch, frogspawn, etc they have their stinging arms that come out. Could you put two different hammers together without problems or even a frogspawn and a hammer close together without a problem seeing they are the same or close to the same species
The best way to find out is place them next to each other and if one recedes then no. Ive seen them together in lfs. I ask the same question about alveropores and that was the answer.
I've kept two different types of torch coral (brown and green) adjacent to each other with no issues at all), though I eventually moved them from each other during a aquascape rearrangement:


For a short while the green torch was positioned next to my frogspawn also with no issue; they were close enough to come into contact with each other but never deployed their sweepers:

I have another euphyllia colony (which I suspect is possible frogspawn x hammer hybrid of some sort) and it wasn't as compatible with other euphyllia's as the above specimens.

I've had this euphyllia sp. positioned in proximity to both the torch corals and the frogspawn and while it never stung them it extended sweepers towards them (which the water flow kept somewhat at bay). I eventually relocated it to another area in the tank. If it were as close to the frogspawn as the torch was I feel something might have happened.

The euphyllia sp. (left/foreward) and the frogspawn (right/rear):

Currently none of my euphyllia corals are close to one another.

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