hydor inline heater????

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Mar 13, 2007
anybody out there have experience with the Hydor in line heater??? I have a 72 gallon bowfront with a Filstar XP3 and was wondering if this heater was any good??? I'd like to keep the tank as empty as possible, and this seems to be the only inline heater that keeps popping up with online retailers...

any feedback is welcome...

Tank you! :wink:
what size tanks are you running with it??? and does it reduce water flow???
I have one on my 75 with an XP3. I haven't noticed a reduced water flow, and it keeps the temp nice and steady. It was very easy to put in, once I got some reassurance on which way the collars tighten to hold the tubing. You just splice it into the outflow tube.

Definitely worth the $$ in my opinion!
I'm considering putting one of these on a 20g tank. I have an XP1 that it can run inline with.

I'm concerned with the 200W heater on a 20g tank. Since noone makes a smaller in-line heater, no other options. Obviously, my biggest concern is in a failure occurring and overheating the tank, but I guess that that's possible even with the 100W stealth I'm currently running. Any other issues I should consider or be leary of in putting that much heater in a small tank?
Mine is great, accurate to within .4 degrees. Easy to follow directions. They make two models for different size hoses in 200 watts. Model 200 has a connection for 1/2" hose. Model 201 for 5/8" hose. The 300 watt model only comes with the 5/8" connection. Make sure you get the proper size for ease of installation. I have the ETH 200 with the connection for smaller hoses. http://www.hydor.it/index_en.htm
I ordered the 300 but I really dont know the size of the hoses on the Rena Filstar XP3. I hope they are compatible.
Wow...I would be concerned having a 200w heater on a 20g. That seems like an aweful lot of power for such a small tank. I only use a total of 250w on my 72g tank with 120g total water volume. I agree with you that I would worry about it failing and cooking the tank!
Thanks folks....

You guys have been a great help...I'm sure I'll have a bunch more questions tomorrow...
The Hydors are incredibe. I really like them. I have the 300 on my 75G with XP3 and it keeps the tank at a very stable temp, almost no fluctuations. Stays within a degree. Also, the 201 is the 5/8" model, and the 200 is the 1/2" model. I'm running the 201 on my 29G with the XP2, and works great. Probably would do just fine on a 20G as well.
Most cannisters have 5/8" hose. Your Rena also does. I use a Jebo 828 cannister that has 1/2" return tubing. The 200 watt model on a twenty gallon will work fine and won't overheat the tank.
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