I need help with snail eggs

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Would that puka shell substrate work? I can't tell if its for salt water only, thats why I ask. :)
Ya those are definitely apple snail eggs. I myself had 3 clutches a few months back. 2 were unfertilized. One clutch gave me 20 babies. I kept 6 and the 14 I took to my lfs and got full credit for breeding them. In about 2 weeks. You can shine a flashlight against the clutch and if there are dark spots inside then you have babies. If it's clear then it's a no go. I'll tell ya it's awesome seeing the babies crawl down the glass to get to the water then parachute to the bottom for safety. Just keep in mind the females can hold the sperm for upto 3 months so expect lots of eggs
I just wish I could figure out which one is my boy snail. I've looked at many diagrams and I just can't figure it out. I which one is laying eggs so and the other snails are two different colors. So if they come out black/blue or ivory I'll know which one it is lol.
You have to turn them upside down and wait for them to come out of their shell. In males you can see where he stores his 'thing' in females nothing. I've never been able to sex my snails either. Lol.
Is there a way I can make something that will keep the eggs wet so I'm not spraying them every two hours? I know they can't be underwater so I need it to just keep them moist. Its stuck to the lid of my filter so they can be moved easily.

Wouldn't you figure the snail knows what it's doing when it lays eggs in a particular place? Just sayin'..... :ermm:
I figured she does but her eggs just keep getting dry and I've been told to keep them moist just not underwater. I've left them alone and just check on them. When they look dry I spray them with water.
I don't think my eggs are fertilized. I found another little clutch this morning. One of the clutches fell off the filter top and was floating around the water. It was in there over night before it got pulled out, so we'll see if its ok. I don't think I'm going to be a snail mommy though.
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