Inadvertently solved my platies constipation!

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Jul 26, 2016
Ontario, Canada
I've been trying to feed veggies to my pleco and he's just starting to realize they are food! Hooray!!

But more importantly I've found a cure for my platies constipation! I tried peas but they don't like them... The zucchini for my pleco though... Boy do the platies love that stuff! It also went through their system very nicely ?

What I'm wondering is how often should I let them have it? I doubt they get much from it nutritionally since it goes through their system so fast.

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Once every 2 weeks, get a good quality algae wafer for him, high quality flakes cause they do scavenge, zucchini is great for all fish if they eat it, helps their digestive system.

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Oops lol i just woke up thought you mean pleco ha ha ha Where's my coffee... Yes ever 2-3 weeks, I usually do it the day before my third 1/3 water change, get a good food for them like omega one, cobalt many good foods out there, I have 2 types of food i alternate days with one is a probiotic tropical flake, the other a probiotic veggie flake with spirulina make by cobalt.

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Good to know!

I've got algae wafers for my pleco and three kinds of food for my platies, danios and guppies (nutrafin bug bites, tetramin tropical crisps and of course omega one freshwater flakes).

I like to switch things up because i feel for the poor things eating the same thing every meal ?! I also have bloodworms as an occasional treat too ?. I just never saw them eating veggies like that and figured it would make for a good treat but the fact that it is good for them is a bonus!

Thanks for sharing with me ?

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Yw, you Blanched it first I am assuming, also if you put a piece on the substrate the pleco will go to town.

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Yeah I made sure to blanche it first and froze a bunch of slices. I just defrost them in the microwave as needed. I like the substrate idea, I'll make sure to try it next time ☺

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I have a video somewhere of my bristle nose and panda garra (R. I. P) going to work on a piece of cucumber lol

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