Is it a fungal infection?

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Jun 5, 2023
Rochester, NY
Hey! I’ve held off on posting about this because I hoped I could take care of it on my own. A few months ago while I was treating my tank for ich with ich-x, my seemingly healthy glofish developed a bump on what I call his chin. I have tried Google searching and the only thing that seems close to what it could be is a fungal infection. Now, I have noticed it on my other fish about a week ago. So 2 out of 3 are affected. I don’t think it’s a tumor because of how quickly it developed. On my glow fish it’s white but on my regular black skirt tetra it’s black. I want to make sure these fish are okay before I transfer them into my new tank. Any advice for what this may be or tips for treatment??

I have a 10 gallon interpet brand tank with the life flow power filter and a marine land brand precision heater. The temp is about 77 degrees. I use the tetra brand aqua safe to treat the tap water. I’ve also attached a photo with the water test I took this morning after I cleaned the gravel yesterday. I do water changes 1-3 times a month when I clean the substrate with a gravel vacuum and clean the sides when needed with one of those magnets.


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It's usually a fat lip (bruising) from swimming into something hard (glass or ornament). It should go down by itself over a few weeks. If it doesn't, then it's possibly a virus and there is no cure for that. The fish usually live with the virus for months or even years. If it gets worse and stops the fish from being able to eat properly, you euthanise the fish.

At this stage, the best treatment is big regular water changes and gravel cleaning the substrate. Cleaning the filter every month. And feed the fish a varied diet so it can heal itself.
Okay fingers crossed it’s not a virus. If it is, would it spread to other fish? I’ll stick to a strict cleaning schedule and see if anything changes. I feed them Hikari micro pellets and dried bloodworms at the moment. I switched to Hikari last year after I learned about the quality of other brands. They seem to be perfectly healthy besides the present issue. My glofish is even looking at me as a type this lol
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