My simple 47g FW tank

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I agree that your yellow lab will give your tetras a beating. My friend had one in her 20g community and she had to put it in its own 10g after about 2 months. The only thing that can survive being in the tank with it so far is my syno eupterus. Her yellow lab killed a red tailed shark, 3 platys, 1 molly before she finally listened to me and moved it to its own tank. :(

As far as the algae, what type is it? If this is a new setup I would guess diatoms and it will go away eventually.

On a more positive note, I love the real plants, looks like they are going to grow to the top at this rate! :) Keep up the good work!
Wow! I would never think of putting Labs in such a small tank! No wonder they got mad and attacked the other fish. I have had these guys in this tank for a few months now, and have had no problems with them at all. I am definitely watching them though. I hope to get a much larger tank eventually, but the cost is keeping that dream at bay for now. Hopefully these pretty fish can play nice until I can afford to create a nice Cichlid tank for them.
Ok, it's been several months since I've been here, but I just noticed something this evening that shocked me! I think I have eggs! They weren't there yesterday... My sevrum has been munching on the algae scrubber in the last week or so, but I figured it was only because there was a bunch of algae on it. The thing that confuses me is that I don't know which fish these eggs came from. The sevrum is the only sevrum in there, so there is no way it could have mated. The yellow labs might be the owners, but the sevrum chases them away from the scrubber if they come close. The only other fish are 3 tetras and 3 otos. There is also 1 "mystery" snail.

Can anyone identify these eggs? What should I do wth them? I fear that if they are labs, the sevrum may eat the fry (if there are any). Any ideas??


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