New tank and set up This gonna work ?

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Sep 17, 2003
Lompoc, Ca
Emperor 330 so it's got 2 Bio Wheels and then 2 power heads...

It's a 55 gallon and will have live sand and rock.

Or a ViaAqua 750 canister with a BioWheel Pro 60 and 1 powerhead?

I am going with live sand and live rock. Gonna have fish and MAYBE a few shrooms...

Any other suggestions?

Do I need a protein filter?

Thanks guys !
if you use enough lr and ls then the bio wheels are usually not necessary cuzz the lr and ls will take care of the bio filtration. a protein skimmer is usually the ideal method of mechanical filtration in a sw setup, but i have also heard people having a lot of success using a canister filter. if you plan on getting any corals in the future then i dont recomend the bio wheels. maybe someone else can go a little deeper on the subject for you. HTH
Thanks for the help !
I think I am going to go with a Skilter 400 and 2 powerheads....

Got alot of help with this last night in chat !
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