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Oct 5, 2002
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Hello again :)
Another ? I have for ya

I just added "another" filter to my 30 gal aquarium(penguin 330) and now I want to add fish.(0 fish right now)
Do I have to do the fishless cycle or are there "hardy" freshwater fish I could add now?
I have a pond (well 3) thats full of Koi & Goldfish so I want to stay away from those. Is there something you could suggest.
Thanks much~ again :D :D
don't know what kind of fish you want to end up with, but as long as you measure your parameters most will be ok...gouramis are pretty tough, as are fancy guppies, stay away from neons and such to start with, and lightly stock until you have finished the initial cycling phase...plecos are tough little boogers! :D definately stay away from goldfish! 8)
I cycle my fresh water tanks with Zebra danio's, Long fin or regulars.
Just did my wifes 30 gal. with six longfin danio's and no fish loss.
danio's can be a little over active for some tanks but my LFS will take them back for credit. we kept four and gave two away. Very hardy and longfin danio's aren't bad looking.
pondmom said:
I have a pond (well 3) thats full of Koi & Goldfish

Hey pondmom, I'm prolly not much help on your questions here, but stop by the pond forum sometime and tell us about your ponds! I love to hear about others experience.
Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I did go with the zebra daino's as also suggested by my LFS. She also suggested 6 so thats what I have in there.
Brought them home, acclimated them and set them free~
I think these guys must be on something :) Very active!!
I have 14 days if I don't like them or they die. But for 69cents each~ it's not worth the trip to get a refund(gas is $1.54/gal) and it's about 7 miles away.
I'll keep ya all posted.
corvuscorax...You must also have a pond. My main pond is 5000 gal and I'm ready to add on. I'll check out the pond forum~thanks
Well dang, I had to pay .99 a piece for danios today!

My 90 is up and cycling, 25 or so plants in it now, 30 more on the way!

I do have a test kit and have been using it. My only question is, if it's safe to use salt for danio's?
I have salt in my koi/goldfish ponds but to be honest~ I've NEVER had a tropical fish.
So what do I do IF I get nitrite?

And your right about being ACTIVE!!!
Can't watch them for long without getting dizzy :) :)

i have never used salt in the tank with my danios, and they have fared just fine! high nitrite, treat just like high ammonia, water changes to keep to a reasonable level, just do leave some so that they bacteria have food!
is there any particular reason you want to add salt?
I've used salt in my tank with Danios, they'll do just fine. It really isn't needed, but if you prefer to add a little salt to your tanks it's ok.
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