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I was thinking that maybe they seemed to look a little thin because of algae wafers possibly getting sucked up by the filter. Once they start to break I part, I see them moving around a little bit. I would like to think that is pretty unlikely, however. :lol:
I have never actually witnessed algae wafers being sucked up, but I was thinking that maybe it happens when I leave the room......
Try adding bloodworms, frozen is fine, as this add more protien to their diet and helps condition them. Cory's are omnivores and need a variety of foods and not just plant based ones.
Thank you.

So frozen Bloodworms? That sounds good to me, next time I am at a LFS I will be sure to pick some up for my little guys. ;) Are there any other frozen foods that Cories enjoy that I can pick up?
That's one of my staples but you don't need many at all and I always dethaw them in a dixie cup with tank water and then pour all the "red" liquid off before feeding. It just seems less messy for me.
Does anybody know what this fungus-looking thing is on my Bacopa?


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I hope not! Lol. I did get all my plants either in tubes or bags on the "shelf" at PetSmart.

Thanks so much for posting, I appreciate it a lot!
I think the bags are snail free, not sure about the tubes. If they say snail free then most likely not snail eggs. I can't make the pic bigger to see it closer, on my phone :(
It is something that has grown fungus/mold on it. Just clip the leaf with it off and it will be fine.
When should I take out my filter floss to rinse the particulates out of it? Or will that kill my bacteria?
When should I take out my filter floss to rinse the particulates out of it? Or will that kill my bacteria?
When ever you like really. I usually do mine from my canister every 8wks. Really depends on your stock levels etc. Just remember to rinse it in old tank water and don't let it dry out....
I just do it when it seems like my filter isn't working like it should, showing signs of slow and clogged flow
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