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Thanks. If I do one today, should I still add the plant additives even though I just added them earlier in the week?
One more question! :)

Does anybody know how to tell different genders between my Cories? I have Pandas and Juliis (false Juliis, I think).

Also, are these fish fairly easy to breed? Thank you!
So, I have been thinking of final stocking, and this is what I have come up with.

I know that I want Rummies, Rams, and some Otos, however, I don't think I could add a pair of Rams to a 20g Long, could I?

I am not entirely sure how many Otos I should get either. I know that they are a social species, but I don't want to get too many knowing their dietary requirements (I want there to be enough food in the tank).

Lastly, how many Rummynose Tetras would you see appropriate for my sized tank? I was thinking maybe six or eight.

And after all that, I should be fully stocked (I think)!

Thanks so much everyone, your help is greatly appreciated, you're the best!
The rams would depend on how many cories you have. Can't remember the amount tho. You could do 1 ram in that tank but don't suggest a pair. I'd do 2-3 oto's after the tank has matured about 4-6 months. Oto's rarely eat any food additions we put into a tank and actually one of their main staples is the biofilm that develops in all tanks. If you wait until the tank has matured long enough to build a good layer of biofilm up they stand a better chance at surviving. Just know almost all oto's are wild caught and often cyanide is used during the catching process which means many oto's just don't survive. So don't be too upset if after you get them you have any deaths within the first month. I would also do 8 rummynose as you have the room. Do you have any fish besides the cories in the tank right now?
Thanks Janis.

I currently have two Julii Cories and three Panda Cories. I also have one Guppy in the tank currently :hide:.

For Rummies, I need to wait three months, correct?
Rummy's are almost all wild caught and they really do better in a mature tank so if you can wait it would be a good idea.
It is going great, thanks!

I currently have two False Julii Cories, 3 Panda Cories, and one Guppy. I plan on adding some Rummies fairly soon, but am going to wait a bit longer as I want to put them in when my aquarium is more established. Later on down the road, I will be adding a German Blue Ram, and some Otocinclus.

Currently, all the fish seem to be doing well, so that makes me happy!
What do you guys think of Pristella Tetras? I have been thinking that I might get those instead of the Rummies, I am not sure yet though. :)

Just exploring possible options. :)
I just got back from the LFS. :) I ended up getting four Black Skirt Tetras today. These guys will replace the Rummynoses for this tank, but I will most likely have Rummies in my next FW tank. (I plan to setup a second eventually) :)

These fish are so very cute, I am loving them already! They are currently acclimating, but I will get some pictures tomorrow.

As always, thanks for posting and following! It means a lot!

Have a great rest of your weekend!
Oh, I meant to ask.....

Are these guys notoriously known for jumping? While bringing them home I noticed them jumping in the bag, but I wasn't sure if that was just because they were stressed. Thanks! :)
Oh, I meant to ask.....

Are these guys notoriously known for jumping? While bringing them home I noticed them jumping in the bag, but I wasn't sure if that was just because they were stressed. Thanks! :)

No they aren't. They were probably just stressed.
Hi everyone! I finally took a picture of some of the algae that is popping up in the tank.....any tips?

Oh, and don't worry. The glass is about to get wiped right now. :)

Have an awesome Friday tomorrow!
Are you talking about the algae on the glass? If so it looks like green dust algae that like diatoms has to run it's course. When you clean the glass does it come back really quick like diatoms do? Also I swear I see a touch of diatoms on or around that ammonia checker. Anyway you can help hurry green dust algae along if you leave it grow and build up. Then it will begin to come off in sheets and has run it's course. After they come off usually the dust algae has run it's course and doesn't come back. I prefer cleaning it off with an algae magnet as that stuff drives me nuts on the front glass. I leave it run it's course on the sides and back tho. By cleaning it off you just prolong it's life cycle.
Yes, it does come off pretty quickly. :)

There also seems to be some algae on the plant leaves, I think it may be Diatoms....

Thanks for your input!
I have a quick question tonight!

How often do you guys change your Purigen? I currently have a pouch of it in my filter, which I believe is good for 100 gallons. Thank you!
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