sick royal gramma

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In my time I have lost 5 chromis, 1 blue damsel, 2 royal grammas, and 1 canary blenny. Its a horrible feeling, especially with the prices. Hang in there
Sorry about your loss. I don't know if that fish was stressing him out, but that combined with the substrate and rock change maybe.... Just take it slow with adding fish, and see how it goes. I had a few deaths early on myself, doesn't make it any easier, but.... As the tank matures it will get more stable and better for your fishy friends. Good Luck!
So sorry scott. I was really hoping they would be found safe. You did what you had to do so you can feel good about that at least. I hope you feel better and restock soon. Really sorry about the fish
Scott, So sorry to hear about your fish. Is there ANY chance that your live rock may be harboring a nasty crab that could be the culprit? I have read about them on these forums. Just a thought...can't imagine that one fish could do all that damage!
You have to remember these are all wild caught fish so it could be nothing you have done directly. Read up on how fish are caught and brought to the LFS it will make you wonder how any actually make it to our tanks.

Did you get them all from the same store? They could have something going on in their tanks that is unseen. A lot of stores will run meds the whole time they are there.
I don't think there is a chance anything could've been on the rock because it was all lace/base rock that I bought. It wasn't live when I bought it and it was dry.

It MAY have been stress from my substrate and rock change.. though the substrate change was weeks ago and I've been pulling the old rocks out ever so slowly (about 2-3 per day).

I will finish the rock change, which should be done today or tomorrow and finish my aquascaping. Then I will let the tank sit for about a week without me stirring anything up.

Then I will restock slowly starting with a couple green chromis. They are cheap and hardy and peaceful.

I really don't know what it is but I hope it does not continue.

Thanks for all of your replies!
well my last fish, the clownfish, just died
damselfish wasn't in there

My water parameters have been pretty stable all of this time. My nitrites did fluctuate between 0 and 0.25, but my ammonia has always been 0 and my nitrates never got above 20. I have been doing weekly water changes, now with RO/DI water.

I have been messing with the tank alot. Like 3 weeks ago I changed the substrate from gravel to sand. Then I bought new rocks and slowly moved the old rocks out. Maybe I stressed them out too much?

Perhaps there is something in the sand I used? I used quickrete play sand bought from Lowes. Maybe I churned up too much gunk moving the rocks around?

I do use windex to clean the outside of the glass weekly, but I do that last after my hands are out of the water.

Looking for possible answers here.
I don't know much about Play Sand for a saltwater tank. Most people (including myself) use dry aragonite sand. I'm sorry for your loss. Have you taken the water to a LFS to see if they can find something wrong?
I definitely would not use play sand. It's super fine and it is not made of the same stuff aragonite is I'm pretty sure. I think play sand is pure silicon pretty much. Play sand is also not harvested at the beach they harvest it inland so who know what it's been in contact with. It's possible the fine-ness if the sand could have irritated the fishes gills and such. I have a hard time believing your damsel fish killed all your fish...not saying it's not possible but that seems pretty unlikely. You would have seen them fighting I think. Royal grammas are pretty aggressive fish too...they hide alot but they can fight if they want. I have a diadem pseudochromis which is a close relative and he is pretty feisty but I have an aggressive tank anyways. I would remove the sand and start over, and go slow. Use only aragonite and natural decorations (live rock) sorry about all your losses
I have 50 lbs of natures ocean white marine sand
And all of my rock is all live base rock now
I could switch substrate pretty easily

I believe what I'm going to do is remove all of my sand and put the new stuff in. Then rearrange my rocks. Then do my regular PWC on sunday. Keep my water parameters stable for a week or so and then bring in some to my LFS for them to test.

Then restock slowly.
Yeah I would do that. My brand new flame hawkfish died today :(. Water parameters were perfect sometimes you just lose fish there is no way around it. I feel your pain
Just saw this and am concerned for
My royal gramma, he was always out and about since I got him a month ago, was eating pellets and frozen brine shrimp but for the last 3 days he is hiding out in a cave under the rock. Doesn't seem to come out to feed. Did get a new yellow clown goby but the royal was acting like this before I hot the new fish. Water parameters are best I h r had as added a skimmer last week. 20g tank with fire shrimp, baggai cardinal, star fish and couple of hermits and snails. All else seems well. Any advice would be welcomed.
I rarely see my royal gramma. And I mean its rare. maybe once a day, sometimes he goes missing for days at a time.
He loves the rocks...
I saw that you said that earlier in the post but my concern is that up until a few days ago he was always out and about for atleast an hour or so and would always be out for food but when I see him in the cave he seems to be panting more than breathing and hasn't been out for food since Saturday. But thanks for this reply as if this is common amongst other people who keep them then I will relax about him.
Anyone any ideas what could be wrong with him. He came out today and was getting blown around by the power head. I have him in quarantine now and just put some food in with him but he is just lying ther and now eating. It won't allow me upload a pic so he is just lying on the bottom and, what can only be described as, panting.
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