smallest tank for breeding bristlenoses

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Sep 23, 2011
Whats smallest tank I can breed bristlenose in? Thanks
Hi i would say a 24 inch by 12 inches by 15 inches. Also i would include plenty off hiding places as they can get quite aggressive when breeding. They really like small holes to get into,such as small pieces of bogwood and even large pieces of garden cane{hollow obviously} Feed plenty of green stuff and some frozen cockle and sit back and wait. Good luck.
I have just got a 24x12x12 im guessing that shold be ok?

If so can you give me some advise with setup as I have 6 bristlenose to go in there (3 of each)
Hi i would put one male and one female in the tank,as they can be quite feisty when they breed,or you could put in two males and all three females. As for decoration, i would add plenty of bogwood,with plenty of hiding places. Some fish keepers use large pieces of bamboo,preferably hollow. Then feed plenty of green food,with some frozen cockle and mussel {they may prefer one over the other?} Then sit back and wait:). Mine have just bred again in the main tank:). I now can see the odd baby B/N and they look tiny :fish2: Also do not be to over zealous with your cleaning regime as the young feed on the detritus in the tank,but obviously keep up with the water changes oh and be patient.:)
Hi as long as you have plenty of hiding places for your B/Ns then there shouldn't be a problem,but keep up with the water changes if the tank is well stocked. Also i have found b/Ns simply love chewing on bogwood!
So i could do it in my 10 gallon if u ha lots of drift wood in there? I am close to a beach so i can get tons of it, but do i need special gravel/rocks? Plants? Thanks!!! :)
Hi driftwood would be perfect,just give it a rinse in fresh water before using. I use fine sand,and only a very fine sprinkling over the base of the tank. Plants are a personal preference. One tank i have bred them in had no plants at all,the other tank is well planted,so i guess its up to what you prefer. They really do like plenty of cover,so would be hard to put in too much wood. I have attached a photo {hopefully:lol:} of the planted tank in which the B/Ns have bred:)


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Wow that looks great!! Maybe next week i will get 2 albinos and put em in my 10 gal :)
Hi just remember to get a pair. The males has 'bristles' on his nose so to speak,the female does not. Good luck and let us know how you get on.
stingrays4 said:
Hi just remember to get a pair. The males has 'bristles' on his nose so to speak,the female does not. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Haha yea thanks for the replys! I will have to convince my brother to do it though!!
jetajockey said:
I think a 10g as a breeding tank is fine. I'd get albinos and or longfins, green dragons, reds, or some other less common strain .

Cool! I was thinking 1 female albino and one male albino in my 10, and 1 male in my 40?
I do have a seperate tank, but i dont really want to use that one! Haha could i put the fry in a net of some sort?
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