Square Spot Anthias Question

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Jan 24, 2004
San Diego
Has anyone ever dealt with a square spot anthias? What is their demeanor like? Are they good community fish?
While, ime, they are not aggressive towards other fish, they are very skittish and prone to jumping. Another issue is they are a harem fish, the square spot is the male, the female is a pinkish yellow color with no square (still a pretty fish, but not as stunning as the male), if the male is not kept with a group of females, it will change sex to female. All anthias are considered fish to be kept by experienced aquarists onlyy. I would highly recommend you do a google search for articles on anthias, reading all you can prior to purchasing one.
What is so hard about them? Is it just because they are jumpers and the male/female thing? Are they difficult to get to eat?
There are many issues and for the life of me can't remember anymore of them...a quick search looking for article by Scott Michael should get you all the answers you need.
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