Zach's 20 gal long build

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zacheyp said:
does my biowheel create enough flow, can i get just 1 powerhead??

Yeah you would probably be ok if you position it right. But 2 is better to prevent dead spots.
If its a reef... Definatly not. If price is a consern petco makes some nice ph for cheap.
correct me if im wrong but i think i can get everyting i need to upgrade to corals for 140$
110 bulbs and fixtue
10 glass top
20 2 powerheads!
Refresh me

Currently i have
30 pounds of live rock
2 clownfish (1 B@W, orange)
1 royal gramma
1 longnose hawkfish
2 turbo snails
a few nano mushrooms

future plans are
1 yellow watchman goby
1 purple firefish
a few porcelain and emerald crabs
TONS of lps and softies!!!
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