Zach's 20 gal long build

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joy13 said:
You can always take a book with you. Most all the stores I go to actually have a book you can use to look up fish this is one I keep in my car A PocketExpert Guide to Marine Fishes: 500+ Essential-To-Know Aquarium Species (9781890087388): Scott W. Michael: Books . it is the same book that the LFS have a store copy of.

This is a great idea! That way you can find out about the fish you want from an unbiased opinion.

Another option that I use is my iPhone. It really comes on handy. Speaking of electronics, if you don't have a smartphone and don't have a book, you could always look for an electronic store in your area like Verizon or AT&T, LOL.
I don't think there is one that would work Ina 20. When you upgrade how big will it be?
I love this thread! please keep all the info coming.. I do not have a sw tank, but eventually, it will happen. I feel like I've lived through Zach's progression, but why no photos???

I would have loved to seen this process from the beginning.

My only advice, is be careful. No one enjoys living in crowded spaces.
SwimsWithFish said:
Hey zach, sorry to hear about the hawkish. I know what you should do for those two fish:
Fire fish
Orang throat pikeblenny!!!

Yes that is cool! But not what OP is lookin for hahah
Honestly, you wont find the butterfly/angel body type fish for a 20. Skip it and move on to really cool nano fish. A centerpiece isnt necessary, and i actually like a tank better then there are more smaller fish. JMO
Bad and good news,
Bad news I lost 2 teeth today playing frisbee.
But the more important good news my parents are buying me the t5 lighting as a get well gift. Pain bad cosmetics and not being able to eat are totally worth it.
That is bad and good news. lol. Least you'll get your lights. :)

I agree with the above, a bunch of nano fish can be as cool as a couple regular size fish. I have I think 10 fish in my 20g and it's not the least bit crowded in there yet.
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