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Aug 9, 2003
Normal, IL
i was wondering if certain zooanthids require different amounts of light, specificly i want to keep zoo's that are pink, green, blue, or red. i have 2 65watt pc's i am most worried bout them losing color

tia josh
Lighting has a large impact on the color of the zoo, to an extent, in that the colors can lighten or darken, depending on the intensity. The best bet is to try and put them in an area that reproduces the light they came from. FWIW, almost all zoos like high lighting, although they adapt well to lower lighting.
I get most of mine locally, a doctor frags them and consigns them through my LFS, when they have just come in, there are usually some stunning color morphs there, but the really nice and rare ones go quick, and they are about 35 bucks for a small frag. After having received an order from logical reef, I'd say the value was similar. I've gotten some very nice ones from www.logicalreef.com but I believe Bryan lost everything to Hurricane Frances, I have not heard whether he will rebuild. I hope he does, he had excellent prices and FL residents could get shipping for 8 bucks for next day.
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