10 gallon sump/refugium help

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Sep 13, 2012
So right now I'm planing my sump I want you opinion on my sump plans. Let me finish them and I will post a pic.
Ok so the widths inbetween each baffle is in the pic now hights.
Glass 1- 6 inches tall
Glass 2- 8 inches tall
Glass 3- 6 inches tall
Glass 4- 6 1/2 inches tall

Does this look ok? Idk if glass 3 and for are supposed to be even or not but you tell me what to do.


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looks almost the same as my 20 long sump but I took my baffle height up to 9"


you can see the turf scrubber I mentioned in the other thread hanging above the refugium


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Yea I just measured under my stand and it not wide enough 10 gallon it 10 inches wid my stand is only 9 so I have to take the back out then it will fit. But yea so that sump design will work? And also I need to keep the baffles low bc of when my pump is off and the water drains down.
Will it be ok to tear my whole tank down but save the water and put all my live stock In the cooler I use for them then paint the tank and do a test run outside then set it all back up put the sand back in then the rock and then like an hour later put the livestock back in.
Where do I get aquarium grade sylacone or will regular stuff work. Also I need some help with the GPHs if I'm using 1 inch PVC on my 29 gal. What return pump should I use?
maybe a little stressful on the live stock, I've not painted a tank yet myself but I've read that most people end up doing like 2-3 coats of paint so you should factor that in, you could possibly speed up drying time with a hairdryer, when I picked up my saltwater set up from CL I had the livestock in a bucket with an air stone for a couple of hours an they were fine, so maybe put a heater in the cooler and something to help aerate or circulate the water and it should be ok as long as you keep a close eye on them
Ok I always put an airstone in there and I have my old hood with my power compacts on it that I put on top of it. What about the return pump size?
remind me of the display tank size, but I think anywhere around 6-10 times the volume of the display tank is normal
It's a 29 gallon display. 10 gallon sump and I'm using 1 inch PVC for my overflow. It's not drilled it's the U shaped overflow with the check valve. Any return pumps in particular?
I run quiet one brand pumps on two of my tanks with no issues and they do live up to their name
Ok. How many gph one should I get. I've been trying to figure this out myself and I cant.
I was thinking about this pump. The 740 GPH pump would it be enough GPH for 1 inch PVC
the pump sounds good, if the 1" is on the drain line it should be fine because the 740gph that they list is unrestricted flow add in the restrictions of your plumbing and the head loss of pumping back up to the tank you'll flow realisticly in the neighborhood of @ 550gph, I would also hard plumb the return line as I found I get much better flow from my pump than when I had it running with flexible hose
So I'll just use PVC straight off the pump. I get PVC for free anyway so it doesnt matter
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