10 gallon sump/refugium help

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Hey I have a question. Since my stand isn't wide enough inside for a 10 gallon tank I have to take the back off which is no prob bc it's just there for looks. But there is a post there blocking the tank from fitting. Can I take the post out its a verticle post and then replace it with a piece of 2 by 4 at the top and then place a piece of wood to support the back of the 10 gallon hanging out of the stand?
I had to take out the front center post on my 65 to get the sump in and haven't put it back yet, that was three months ago
Ok I don't know if it's even holding the tank up. But when I take everything out of my tank I'm going to put my gravel livestock and some of my live rock in another 10 gallon tank with my old hood a heater a filter and maybe a power head will they be ok in there for like a day or over night? I'm painting the back blue what blue should I use. Also should I run the system once outside then run it in my house with fresh water then mix saltwater and put it in.
So I can't do a sump bc it won't fit in my stand. What should I do I cant stay with hob filters and I want corals.
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