125g Stocking Ideas, again!

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I am now double thinking my order.....LOL I think I should have gotten a midas blenny and a barnacle blenny while I'm going tothe trouble of ordering. Should I call tomorrow and see if they can add them or maybe just get what I ordered and see how the fish and the service is? It's only $15 for shipping for me since I live in florida.

I got my order confirmation already but no anticipated shipping date. Hope they come on thursday as I will be out on friday. :-(

Another question, I ordered 2 cleaner shrimps and was gonna put them both in my cube. Do you think it would be too big too put pone in my pico? Or maybe even try to put some more in the 125g? Decisions decisions.....

I also ordered 4 emerald crabs but after more research I found out they may harass pom pom crabs which I have one in the pico. Was planning on 2 in the pico and 2 in the cube. Also worried that the emeralds may bother my dragonets or the YWG.

Any thoughts guys or did I just order too much? LOL
They ship the next day or they might've already shipped and used UPS ground(or USPS, don't know which is which), since it can take your package to most cities that are close, by the next day. You're about 3 hours away by car so yeah. If you want something else, I would place the order now, since shipping is really only $15, and to make sure you get it Thursday.
They want you to sign for it, so I guess I will be hanging around the homestead waiting for the foam box to arrive.
I am worried the "Jumbo Fire Shrimp" may be lobster sized. Will my regular fire fish whack my new expensive fire fish?
This is why mail order fish is like gambling on line. It will probably be okay. The "Jumbo Fire Shrimp" will probably be 1/4" long. I will add him like an ingredient you would put in a gumbo, to never be seen again. I have a one year old banded cleaner shrimp that I have seen fully exposed, never. He has gotten huge and now finds it difficult to hide his enormous body without sticking out from behind rocks. I think you have a long way to go before you are hanging the "no vacancy" sign.
slitherbomb said:
Nvm I found it lol. Btw Ibrahim, still nothing :(. I asked my friend who is going to a different beach to look out for them. Going again tomorrow...lol

Cool. You have you had any luck,
I didn't end up placing my order with aqua con. blue zoo aquatics had free shipping on orders over 140.00 coupled with 10% off code i end up getting the same things and some extra ...comes in tomorrow by 10 am wish me luck..
My guys are acclimating as we speak. Started a new thread about it too.

It's under sw aquaria under my aquacon order arrived! LOL
My mom just gave me money and I need to head over to my lfs. If they don't have a freaking Twospot Goby pair, then aqua con will have another sale lol
I think I;ve made my descision for the next fish purchase. The blue tang is still in qt but when he comes out I am going to order 3 blue reef chromis!!!

They are so different, just hope my lFS can order them for me. He had some a few weeks back but I wasnt ready to put fish back in the tank.

Also, I;m getting kinda worried about the blue tang in qt. He isn't very social at all, he runs away if i even get near the tank. He hides alot if I;m over there too. he likes to hide under the skimmer output. :-(

I;m afraid withother fish in the tank he might totally freak out...What should I do?
He has some rock now and hides in there, he even sleeps on his side under one of the rocks. He's ina 55g qt tank so he has plenty of room to roam but he doesnt when I'm around him.

I'm just worried my yellow tang is gonna harass him when I add him to the 125g which I was planning on doing this weekend.
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