Wanted: extra/unwanted sw supplies/equipment

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Ya sure it might take a lil to post but ya. If your doing a ten gal it may take up a little too much space but I'll definitely post
Hey wolf I mailed your stuff today. Hopefully will get there by Saturday, I used a flat rate priority mail box. :)

Any questions about what i sent just ask.

So, where are you on your build?
thanks so much im at a stand still atm because everything i need now is $30+ itl be a week or two before stuff gets added (heater rock etc) i stiill gotta get the prepaid card to order the rock. what did you include in the "care package" ?
Lemme see.. hmm..
Theres a half bottle of the aquasafe dechlorinator, a hydrometer for salinty, a hi ph API liquid test kit, strip tests for nitrite, nitrate and Ph. Some algae sponges for cleaning, a syringe to fill your test tubes with. Means no dunking the tube in the water to test. :)
Ithink thats it. It's just stuff I wasn't using so you save your money for the good stuff.
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